WhatsApp images can be opened secretly on iPhone – here's how

Open images and messages in private with this handy workaround

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Privacy is a big deal. More and more people are wanting the security of knowing everything they do isn't being monitored, so it's still crazy that WhatsApp will notify everyone in a chat the second you receive and open a message. 

This can put an unnecessary strain on the conversation and make it feel like you need to reply immediately. Well, fear no more! A new workaround has been identified that will stop that pesky blue tick from popping up, preventing everyone from knowing you've had a peak. 

Let's break it down to explain exactly what steps you need to take to make this happen. It's a relatively simple procedure, potentially saving millions of awkward conversations. Be aware that for this specific way, we are going to address first only applies to iPhone users. 

1. Within WhatsApp, exit all chats to find yourself in the main chats window where it will show the various groups you are a part of.

2. Next press and hold down on whichever chat you are wishing to read something from. Click onto the 'More' option that pops up before then selecting 'Export Chat'. 

3. Save this to 'Files' by choosing the location within your iPhone documents.

4. Finally, head to the location where you have saved the file (exported chat), where you can access the download. 

And there you have it. No more notifying friends, family or acquaintances on WhatsApp as well as that little bit added peace of mind. It's a useful little workaround and is great for anyone on iOS.

Those on Android sadly don't currently have the same luxury. This is because you can only option the 'More' option within the chat instead of outside of it. It's likely an update will arrive in the future to make this possible for those on Android, however, this is simply not possible for the minute.

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