WhatsApp could soon let you place emoji reactions on your messages

Behold, the incoming waves of emoji message responses

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WhatsApp is constantly keeping users on their toes with scores of innovative improvements. Next in line for an update is users' options for responding to messages in-app, with support for emoji message reactions tipped to be the next addition to the messaging platform.

Perhaps the inclusion of emoji message responses wasn't the riveting WhatsApp news you were hoping for amid the recent bout of more performance-focused updates, but WhatsApp looks set to hop aboard a trend already popularized by the likes of Instagram, iMessage, and Twitter, each with their own existing support for emoji message replies.

Spotted by esteemed WhatsApp tipster WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will soon add support for the emoji reactions in your chats, although the feature is still currently under active development. WABetaInfo spotted the upcoming feature during beta tests, where users received a prompt to update their WhatsApp beta version to view the message reactions. 

Similar to the functionality provided by other social media platforms, the new feature lets users express how they feel by placing an emoji on a WhatsApp message. Happy, sad, grumpy, maybe even elated, we'd hope that WhatsApp will have us covered whatever the occasion, with a comprehensive emoji pack.

Emojis are coming

That’s about all we have to go for the time being: no further information regarding the types of emojis or how they’ll look on screen is currently available, although it’s noted that WhatsApp will shortly introduce the feature to the beta version of the app.

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