VW ID. 2all is an affordable EV for everyone

Priced under £22k and with a 280 miles range, this compact concept is an electric car for the masses

VW ID.2all concept
(Image credit: VW)

Volkswagen literally translates from German as the people’s car and with its latest electric car launch, VW is staying true to the brand. The ID. 2all is a compact, affordable and long-range EV, or as VW describe it, ‘as spacious a Golf and as inexpensive as a Polo.’ 

The entry price for this new EV is 25,000 Euros, or roughly £22,000. That makes it cheaper than the likes of the Mini Electric, the Renault Zoe and Fiat 500e, and yet with better range and more space. 

The ID. 2all has maximised space using the C-pillar design first developed for the VW Golf and makes full use of its long wheelbase with very short overhangs. This is the first in VW’s ID range of electric cars to use front-wheel drive and features a range of new technologies on board such as Travel Assist, IQ.Light and Electric Vehicle Route Planning. 

In its design, VW says the ID. 2 has elements of the Golf, Polo and Beetle, and you can certainly see that. Overall I'd say it probably looks closest to the Polo, but elements such as the lights and the arches do have a slight Beetle feel to them. 

The only bad news is that the ID. 2 is still a concept, and the final production version won’t be released until 2025, with models due to be on the road by 2026. VW is working on 10 new EV models by 2026, including an even cheaper model – perhaps an ID. 1, that will sit below the ID. 2. This is expected to be priced at under 20,000 Euros (£17,600), this is likely to be an even smaller model, perhaps somewhere between the Polo and the Up!

Mat Gallagher

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