Unlike the iPhone 6 Plus, this wearable phablet is made to bend

Bizarre startup takes the phone on-your-wrist concept literally

Startup firm Arubixs has designed a bendy phablet and an arm cradle to go with it, making for a peculiar Power Rangers morpher-esque look.

As reports continue to circulate about Apple's iPhone 6 bend-gate fiasco, one startup firm has taken bendy phones to a new level, although unlike Cupertino this one's intentional.

Made by San Francisco-startup Arubixs, the Portal is a completely unique bit of tech.

Instead of accommodating to the smartwatch trend and simply making a bendy tech timepiece, the fresh-faced firm felt smartwatches were simply too small to be of any use.

"Current wearable offerings and even the newApple Watchare just too small to text on or do anything really practical," Arubixs founder Brandon Mairs told CNET.

"This (Portal) is not just a wearable. It's a smartphone you can wear. So when the phone is not in the cradle it's just a thin, 6-inch smartphone that's flexible, water resistant and shatterproof."

This 6-inch wristwatch is certainly unlike anything else and a unique entry to the wearable market.

But outside the strap it's also a sufficient phablet, packing 2GB Ram, 64GB storage and a 3,200mAh flexible battery.

The Portal also features four cameras, NFC, Bluetooth and Android OS responding to touch, gesture and motion-based commands.

Yes, it is a rather ludicrous idea given that its sheer size must be impractical for any wearer, but this appears to be one wearable capable of replacing the phone in your pocket.

Arubixs is current seeking funds on Indiegogo, and pledging £214 will get you a Portal delivered to your doorstep around September next year.

What do you reckon? Brilliantly innovative or down-right absurd? Let us know in the comments…