Twitter has a change of heart (and policy) as Politiwhoops gets a second term

Politicians on social media beware - the deleted Tweet tracker is back from the dead

The social media watchdog, which tracks the hastily-deleted tweets of the world's politerati, has been revived following Twitter's decision to ban it last year.

The independent record, created and maintained by the Sunlight Foundation (a non-profit organisation that promotes the concept of open government), was taken out in July 2015 when Twitter rescinded its API access and effectively killed off the public record for good... or so it seemed.

The decision to cut off Politiwoops' access to the social media fumbles of the world's politicians did seem a little out of character considering the record's vision of transparency and accountability, but when Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey publicly praised Poltiwoops in a speech last October it seemed a change of heart was on the cards. And so on New Years Eve, Twitter finally granted the account its API access - and all was right with the world once more.

And now, with the presidential elections looming at Donald Trump and co continuing to use Twitter as a de facto policy podium, it seems like the perfect time for Politiwoops to make up for lost time.

Via: Twitter

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