Trust me, these Prime Day deals on a cordless lawnmower and hedge trimmer will change your life

Here's why you won't regret upgrading to a battery-powered lawnmower and hedge trimmer – especially with this Prime Day prices

Prime Day deals cordless lawnmower hedge trimmer
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In order to explain why I think the Flymo lawnmower and Bosch hedge trimmer below are rank among our picks of the best Prime Day deals, I would like to tell you about why switching to cordless garden tools is a decision I am constantly thanking my past self for.

• Flymo EasiStore 300R Li Cordless Rotary Lawn Mower | RRP: £263.99 | Now: £149.99 | Save: £114 (43%) at Amazon UK
• Bosch Home and Garden 0600849G70 Cordless Hedgecutter | RRP: £119.21 | Now: £81.20 | Save: £38.01 (32%) at Amazon UK

The lawnmower is the one I'm particular grateful for, because I'm having to cut the grass so often with this mix of rain and sun. With a corded lawnmower, there's a lot of hassle involved. There's the unwrapping, probably an untangling, usually an extensions cable… and there's the management while you're cutting. Everyone's got a technique for dealing with the cable, right? I use flicks of the wrist to throw it off to the side of where I'm cutting if I need to go back and forth over a patch. It slows you down, and it's something you need to keep in mind all the time. It made mowing the law into A Big Event for me, psychologically.

I switched to a cordless lawnmower, though, and now it takes me 10 mins for my small garden. I just squeeze it into a quiet moment at the weekend or an evening – it's so quick, it's no disruption at all. It takes literally one minute from deciding to do it to starting to do it, since all you do is grab the mower from the shed, unfold the handles, and go. And then you don't have to think about cables at all! You just go back and forth over a patch as much as you like, at the speed you like. You change direction however you want, with no worries about getting tangled.

When a job is easier and faster to do, it feels much less like a chore, and more like just some little task you're happy to get done and move on. I get three cuts of my lawn between charges, though obviously that will vary wildly depending on your garden.

 Honestly, a cordless lawnmower is one of the best buys I've ever made, so I'm strongly recommending this Prime Day deal, for a mower from a brand people know and love, if you want to make your summer (and every future summer) a lot easier.

Flymo EasiStore 300R Li Cordless Rotary Lawn Mower | RRP: £263.99 | Now: £149.99 | Save: £114 (43%) at Amazon UK
This runs off two 20V batteries (included, with charger), and promises up to 35 minutes of cutting between charges. The blade is 30cm, and it cuts close to the edge of the mower, so you can get closer to fences etc. It has variable heights for cutting, a 30-litre grass box, a roller on the rear to provide stripes on your lawn, and it's designed to stand up vertically for storage, which is a really handy option.View Deal

As for the cordless hedge trimmer… well, you can probably guess the real-life story that's turned me into a convert for going cord-free there. I think my cordless lawnmowing life made me too complacent about the risk of cutting it, but anyway – I had a great mid-range corded hedge trimmer from Bosch, then I suddenly had a tripped breaker and a non-functional hedge trimmer with cable in two pieces, and then I had a hedge trimmer that worked again but had a much shorter cable following a trip to the electrical shop.

Including fixing my dumb mistake, my corded hedge trimmer has now cost me as much as the cordless one below, I so recommend you skip learning my lesson and just go straight to the smarter buy.

Bosch Home and Garden 0600849G70 Cordless Hedgecutter | RRP: £119.21 | Now: £81.20 | Save: £38.01 (32%) at Amazon UK
This trimmer has a 55cm blade with 2cm tooth openings, so is good for medium-toughness hedges. Most importantly, it runs off a battery that Bosch says is good for 200 square metres per charge, which is a fair amount of hedge. Bosch says that its Quick-Cut Technology also makes it more efficient, by keeping the teeth open for longer.View Deal

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