Looking for a cheap road bike deal? This Specialized S-Works bike got a £2,500 price cut

Feel free to take this beast of a road bike off road (being a gravel bike and all)

road bike deal Specialized S-Works Diverge 2018
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With everyone taking on new fitness hobbies like running and cycling, the interest in where to buy bikes online has spiked significantly in the past few weeks. Thanks to programmes like the Cycle to work scheme, it is cheaper than ever to buy road bikes – and the Best electric bikes nowadays – online and since the scheme is not capped anymore, you can get amazing gravel bikes like the Specialized S-Works Diverge, for even cheaper than what it actually is.

• Buy the Specialized S-Works Diverge 2018 for £5,999, was £8,500, you save £2,501 at Tredz

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Being a gravel bike and all, the Specialized S-Works Diverge can be used both on the road and taken off the beaten path if needs be. This is not a mountain bike, mind, but the frame does have a bit of a give so you won't get too rattled, even if the road is not silky smooth.

Specialized S-Works Diverge 2018 | On sale for £5,999 | Was £8,500 | You save £2,501 at Tredz

Specialized S-Works Diverge 2018 | On sale for £5,999 | Was £8,500 | You save £2,501 at Tredz
The Specialized S-Works Diverge is the "ultimate adventurer", a gravel road bike that can deliver you point A to point B, regardless of the terrain. Hang all the pannier bags and lights on it if you want or keep it clean and speedy, the Diverge will provide excellent riding dynamics for sure.

Why should you buy the the Specialized S-Works Diverge 2018

The Specialized S-Works Diverge 2018 is a full carbon road bike. Unlike rigid TT and triathlon bike frames, the Specialized FACT 11r carbon frame is super lightweight and stiff, allowing great power transfer while being compliant and softening bumps along the way. The new Diverge frame is lighter, stiffer and more durable weighing in at 880 grams – literally as light as a feather.

The Open Road Geometry takes cues from Specialized’s trail mountain bikes, with slacker a head angle which stabilises the steering. The FACT Carbon fork minimises vibrations coming from the wheels and it has 12x100 spacing with a thru-axle that helps give the Diverge predictable handling.

• Buy the Specialized S-Works Diverge 2018 for £5,999, was £8,500, you save £2,501 at Tredz

The Specialized Future Shock system not only smooths bumps and vibrations, it also helps reduce fatigue during long rides. This Diverge gets the full S-Works treatment with a Carbon Hover Drop handlebar, alloy stem with titanium bolts, and Body Geometry S-Works Phenom saddle with carbon rails. The Roval CLX 32 Disc carbon wheelset is just the icing on the cake, using ceramic bearings to reduce wear and maintenance, while rolling quickly.

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