Top 3 Netflix sci-fi movies for March 2022 (and the secret code to get more)

Netflix has some great sci-fi movies streaming free in March

Elysium Netflix sci-fi movie
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Netflix has a really impressive selection of sci-fi movies in its library right now for subscribers. In fact, there's so many that picking out top picks is tough going.

To help with the cause, we've found three excellent sci-fi choices currently available to stream for free on Netflix.

If sci-fi isn't quite your thing, we've found the best Oscar-nominated movies, the best movies under 90 minutes, and the best family movies, too, plus a lot more besides

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Equilibrium Netflix sci-fi movie

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With a new Batman movie in the air, what a time to return to a Christian Bale classic: Equilibrium, which sees Bale play an enforcement officer in a future where feelings and art are outlawed.

Citizens must take a psychoactive drug to suppress their emotions. After missing a dose, Bale begins to experience emotions and turns on his former cause.

It's an excellent movie with a cool dystopian premise, even if it is obviously inspired by The Matrix in tone and dress. In fact, it's quite spooky at times how close to Neo Bale looks in Equilibrium, and the action sequences are obviously indebted to the franchise, too. Regardless of this, though, well worth a watch. 

Total Recall

Total Recall (2012) Netflix sci-fi movie

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While Netflix doesn't have the 1990 classic Total Recall, it does have the really rather strong remake from 2012, starring Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, and Jessica Biel.

Setting in an apocalyptic future, where only United Federation of Britain and The Colony (in Australia) still exist, Total Recall is based on the classic with some modern twists, which we obviously won't spoil.

With some fun action scenes and plenty of sci-fi-y elements, don't miss this fun romp while it's on Netflix.


Divergent movie Netflix sci-fi movie

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Future dystopian society, check. Intense action scenes, check. Based on a popular novel, check. Divergent has everything that a classic sci-fi movie needs. 

Starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James, Divergent is based around concepts of class and love – with a healthy dose of fighting. Woodley in particular is the star of this movie and has gone on to do a variety other popular movies.

Bonus movie: Elysium

Elysium Netflix sci-fi movie

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How about this for pitch? In 2154 the 1 per cent of humanity decide to lave the Earth and set themselves up on a private, super Ritz-y space station called Elysium, while everyone else is left to survive on an overpopulated and over polluted Earth.

But when Earth-trapped hero of the piece Max Da Costa is accidentally exposed to a lethal dose of radiation, his only hope of survival is fighting his way to get to Elysium in dramatic style.

Matt Damon and Jodie Foster star in a film from the makers of the modern sci-fi classic District 9, which is also available to watch on Netflix, too.

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