Top 3 hidden Apple Watch features that you'll wonder how you managed without

We've found three very useful Apple Watch features that will change how you use the smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 7 review
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The Apple Watch is perhaps the best smartwatch going and with good reason: Apple has spent years refining the Watch, both in terms of its design and also software, and its competitors have been left in the dust.

Apple has been working hard to make the Watch Series 7 and Watch SE the best Apple Watches so far and we've been really pleased with how they perform in testing and real-world usage, with long battery life, crystal clear displays, and loads of features.

If you were lucky enough to get an Apple Watch Series 7 or Apple Watch SE for Christmas and you're still making your way around the device then we've found some useful tips for you to enjoy.

While lots of the features on the Apple Watch are obvious, some of them are well hidden in among the sheer range of things you can do and today we've found three such examples from a very long list.

Apple Watch SE

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Set multiple Watch timers

If you're cooking or doing anything else that requires to-the-minute precision then this tip will be handy: setting multiple Watch timers at once.

To do so, press the Digital Crown and load up the apps before selecting Timers. You'll see pre-set timers and can make custom ones, too. Once one is set, simply start some others and you're away.

It's worth noting that you'll need watchOS 8 or later for this.

Super easy, super useful.

Apple Watch Series 7

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Find your iPhone easily

Losing your iPhone can be a stressful and/or annoying experience but having the Apple Watch makes life a lot easier.

If your smartphone has gone walkies, navigate to Control Panel on your Watch and select Ping iPhone which – you guessed it – will make your iPhone ping.

To take things a step further (perhaps it's dark!), tap and hold the Ping iPhone button and your iPhone will ping and its flash will light up.

Very, very useful.

Apple Watch Series 7

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Clear all notifications at once

The final tip, and perhaps the most useful for keeping your Watch in order, is for dismissing all of your outstanding notifications, perhaps at the end of a long day. Or at the start depending on how things are going.

To do so, navigate to Notifications by swiping down and long press on the screen. A "Clear" button will appear and simply press that – notifications gone.

What you can't see won't hurt you and that applies to Apple Watch notifications, too.

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