TomTom Go looks to replace Google Maps on Android Auto with a useful upgrade

This could be game-changing for thousands of drivers

TomTom GO Navigation App
(Image credit: TomTom)

TomTom has introduced a new 'Truck' tier to its popular GO Navigation app. It enables drivers to plan routes that account for their vehicle’s dimensions, fuel requirements, desired maximum speeds and cargo (such as dangerous goods). 

This new plan is available now in the Android version of Go Navigation and is hoping to replace Google Maps on Android Auto as the go-to choice for road users the world over.

This premium service features a number of features specially designed for drivers of goods vehicles, with the ability to plan multiple drop-offs and gain access to an overview of upcoming points of interest – such as fuel stations suitable for their vehicle and truck stops. 

Of course, these truck-specific additions work in conjunction with the app’s existing navigation features, including lane guidance, live traffic and the Route Bar – a convenient snapshot of the route, stops, relevant alerts and restrictions ahead.  

If you've spent any time observing the comings and goings of your local delivery drivers, you'll know that punctuality is critical in the trucking industry, which makes accurate ETAs incredibly useful. According to TomTom, its ETAs aren’t only among the most accurate in the world – they adjust according to real-time traffic data, giving professional drivers a realistic snapshot of their schedule. 

The Truck user interface is designed to minimize distractions and keep attention on the road – something that’s especially important for anyone operating heavy vehicles over long, fatiguing distances. 

This plan also helps professional drivers stay up to date with ever-changing road regulations – such as avoiding prohibited routes and complying with UN Class restrictions. TomTom has stated that a planned update will soon account for measures like low emission zones.    

If you have a particularly high-tech van or truck, the Go Navigation app also works with Android Auto, so you'll be able to view your route on your vehicle's in-cabin display.

 GO Navigation’s Truck Plan is available now for Android users on the Google Play Store and is priced at £99.99 / $119.99 / €99.99 for 12 months, or £14.99 / $19.99  / €14.99  for one month.

TomTom is marking the launch by offering 50-percent off for the first two weeks.

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