TikTok and Ticketmaster collaboration coming to the UK and other countries

The service has been a success in the USA, and is coming to more territories

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If you're a fan of live music, you'll know that there is really only one powerhouse in the ticket buying arena. Ticketmaster have cornered the market, making it the first stop for many consumers looking to see some live entertainment.

Of course, in the modern age, social media is the easiest way to interact with people. With that in mind, the brand announced a partnership with TikTok recently. That allowed users to purchase tickets on certain posts without leaving the app.

That was trialled initially in the USA. But now, after success in that market, it's coming to a host of others. 

20 countries are being added to the service, allowing users in more and more areas to enjoy easier access to live music. That includes the UK and Ireland, as well as Australia, Germany, France, Canada, Mexico, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Spain and Sweden.

TikTok say that the service has been successful so far, with a host of established and emerging artists making use of over 2.5 billion views since the service began. That blueprint is ripe and ready for being implemented in other markets, now.

The service is open to any certified artist in any of the regions where the service now operates. I'm a big fan of this idea. It seems like the kind of service which could allow smaller artists to leverage TikTok algorithms to open their ticket sales to a much wider audience.

From a consumer perspective, being able to purchase tickets from the TikTok app directly should make it easier than ever to get to live events. Most people use that app these days, so it should be useful to a wide array of users.

The service should be available in the new territories from today.

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