Tier unveils electric scooter tech to tackle drink-riding

The in-app test will make sure you're fit to ride

Woman on a Tier electric scooter
(Image credit: Tier)

Tier, the world's largest electric scooter hiring platform, has launched its latest feature aimed at making riding an electric scooter safer for riders as well as pedestrians.

The new feature in question? An in-app accuracy test to deter riders from drink-riding and to point them towards an alternative form of transport if they have been drinking alcohol.

This is a really important topic, as research in Oslo found that 4 in 10 of all injuries on e-scooters involved intoxicated riders.

The test is now available for iOS riders in some of Tier’s operating cities. It has been developed following research conducted by the behavioural and insights consultancy innovationbubble to make sure that it addresses the behavioural changes that occur when alcohol is consumed. 

So what exactly do you have to do? The test asks riders to match the angle of their phone with an angle displayed on a screen. The rider will be asked to do this three times within a set time frame. If a rider passes all three screens within the allotted time frame, they will be able to take a Tier and if they fail, riders will be encouraged to use an alternative method of transport.

Tier plans to support riders who fail the game by integrating the links of taxi companies or public transport options into the ‘fail screen’ of the app. The app could be integrated with a local taxi company and public transport authority, for example, to link riders to these services directly. 

This sobriety test is the latest innovative safety feature Tier has introduced into its app to encourage responsible riding and follows the brand's partnership with the ride-hailing app FREE NOW.

Tier has also already introduced its industry-first Safety Pricing feature, which means riders in London are not charged when vehicles are stationary during trips, further discouraging reckless riding like speeding through red lights. 

Alongside in-app features, Tier e-scooters come with various safety features, including indicator lights, shock absorbers and a large front wheel.

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