THQ assets up for sale

THQ games development studios and IPs to be sold to the highest bidders

THQ is to see its games development studios sold off to the highest bidder at auction, stripping the beleagured publisher of all its assets

In a move that many analysts have been expecting for some time now, THQ has finally been told that its assets are to be sold off at auction. The publisher filed for bankruptcy back in December, proposing that its assets be sold to investment firm Clearlake, but has since had this move ruled against by bankruptcy judge Mary Walrath, after some of the publisher's creditors complained.

THQ's IPs and studios are now to be sold off to the highest bidder at auction on January 22nd Among the IPs that can be put up for sale are Saints Row, Darksiders and Homefront. The sale may even include games already in development such as Metro: Last Light and Company Of Heroes 2. Game development studios such as Volition (Saints Row, Red Faction), Vigil Games (Darksiders), Relic Entertainment (Company Of Heroes, Warhammer 40K Space Marine) and THQ Montreal will also be up dor sale.

Gaming industry analysts say that publishers such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment may have an interest in acquiring some of THQ's assets.