This Porsche sound system upgrade comes in a briefcase

The limited edition self-install kit from Focal includes four speakers and costs Porsche money

Focal P60 Limited Edition
(Image credit: Focal)

Porsche 911 owners might not usually be the first in the queue for buying after-market speakers – but that could be about to change.

That’s because Focal, the up-market audio company from France, has announced an upgrade kit for the 922-generation Porsche 911. If the Focal name is ringing a bell, then you may recall we awarded their Bathys headphones with the full five stars and a Platinum Award.

Presented in a beautiful wooden briefcase – because why settle for a cardboard box? – the Porsche kit includes a pair of woofers, three mid-range drivers and a pair of tweeters. All seven speakers are designed to swap directly with those already fitted to your car, so the upgrade should be possible without a trip to your local Porsche specialist. Focal itself describes the kit as “easy to install”.

Porsche 911 (992)

(Image credit: Porsche)

Focal P60 Limited Edition

(Image credit: Focal)

Limited to just 911 examples, the kit is called the P60 Limited Edition, and is priced at £3,699. It is designed to work exclusively with the current, 992-generation Porsche 911, and it plays nice with the car’s standard amplifier. It’s just a case of swapping out the speakers.

The two, 200W woofers measure eight inches and use Focal’s W composite sandwich cone, while the three 100W mid-range speakers measure four inches and have the same cone. Finally, a pair of 100W, 42mm Beryllium inverted dome tweeters complete the kit. All seven drivers have neodymium magnets 

Focal claims how the audio upgrade “produces a class-leading, natural sound experience,” adding how the kit is “the result of decades of meticulous design and high-end audio engineering to deliver the best possible in-car sound quality.”

At a more technical level, Focal says the speakers bring extra detail, dynamic bass and a larger soundstage to the cabin of the 911 (992).

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