This insane Telstra deal gets you AU$10 off any SIM-only plan

Telstra is offering a whopping 30GB of data for only AU$40

Click Frenzy
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It's that time of year again: Click Frenzy's May event is back, and that means massive savings on online deals across a heap of tech categories, including telecommunications. 

For this year's Click Frenzy celebrations, Telstra is bringing out the big guns, offering an incredible AU$10 off every one of its monthly BYO mobile plans for as long as you stay connected.

Deals start at AU$40 a month for 30GB of data (opens in new tab) for Telstra's Small SIM-only plan, and they only get better from there. We'd argue that the telco's Medium plan provides the best value for your hard-earned cash, netting you a whopping 60GB for AU$50 (opens in new tab) per month.

Meanwhile, if you're the type who craves massive amounts of data, Telstra also has you covered with a pair of SIM-only plans that will let you download and stream to your heart's content.

Telstra's Large plan will get you a hefty 100GB of data for the discounted price of AU$70 (opens in new tab) month-to-month, while the mammoth-sized Extra Large plan will give you an enormous 150GB for AU$90 (opens in new tab) to play with each month.

These Telstra Click Frenzy deals will bring you AU$120 worth of savings over the course of a year, no matter which SIM-only deal you end up choosing; on the 30GB/$40 plan that means you'll pay just AU$480 a year total, rather than the usual AU$600.

As well as that monthly data allowance, each of Telstra’s BYO phone deals will provide you with unlimited standard national calls and texts. Additionally, there are no lock-in contracts, meaning you can leave the network at any time without any extra fees to worry about.

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SIM-only | 30GB (Small) plan | No lock-in contract | AU$40 per month (save AU$10) (opens in new tab)

If you're in the market for a SIM-only plan on one of Australia's best networks but aren't looking to break the bank, this month-to-plan plan from Telstra might be just what the doctor ordered. For just AU$40 with no lock-in contract, Telstra is offering an impressive 30GB of data per month, though you will need to bring your own phone to the party. As an added bonus, each of Telstra’s SIM-only plans include data-free streaming of Apple Music. Offer ends May 26.

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SIM-only | 60GB (Medium) plan | No lock-in contract | AU$50 per month (save AU$10) (opens in new tab)

Arguably the best value Click Frenzy deal on offer, Telstra's excellent Medium plan offers 60GB of data at the reduced price of AU$50 per month. This deal also includes free trial access to Telstra’s super-fast 5G network. Like the previous deal, data-free streaming of Apple Music is also included, though you’ll need to fork out your own cash for the subscription itself. Offer ends on May 26.

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SIM-only | 100GB (Large) plan| No lock-in contract | AU$70 per month (opens in new tab)

If you're the type who likes to burn through data without a care in the world, you may want to consider Telstra's Large BYO plan, which offers a massive 100GB of data per month at the discounted price of just AU$70. This is also arguably the best deal for anyone with a 5G handset, as unlike the above two it includes 5G network access as standard, even after the free trial period is over. Like the other deals, the Large plan also brings data free streaming of Apple Music if you’re subscribed to the service. Offer ends on May 26.