This electric minivan turns your taxi into a First Class flying experience

LEVC takes inspiration from the Airbus A380 in latest EV

(Image credit: LEVC)

If you are a resident of London, or simply like to frequent its nightlife and shops, you will be well-versed in LEVC's vehicles. 

After all, the Chinese company has been electrifying London's fleet of black cabs with its TX model. It recently overtook the diesel-powered TX4 as the most common black cab, with more than 7,500 EVs now operating on the streets of the capital.

A recent announcement stated that this move has saved the equivalent CO2 emissions of more than 111,000 passenger flights from London to Sydney from entering London’s atmosphere, but the aeronautical comparisons don’t stop there.

LEVC recently unveiled its idea of ultra-luxurious electric transportation in the L380, an upcoming model that takes its name from the Airbus A380 - the largest airliner in the world.

Based on the Chinese firm's Space Orientated Architecture (a posh name for a new platform), the model will be capable of housing eight seats, with the rear row folding to allow for more luggage space.


(Image credit: LEVC)

The electric people mover will also be available in a more luxurious six-seater variant, which will be available in China next year, although Autocar states that is is confirmed for sale in markets outside of its home country.

There’s currently no word on exact specification, but rumours suggest it will pack similar electric propulsion technology to sister brand Volvo, with Autocar suggesting it will pack either a 120kWh or 73kWh battery pack, with the larger offering a potential range of 432 miles.

"Setting new standards for occupant-focused interior space, L380 raises the bar for large luxury fully electric MPVs," says CEO of LEVC, Alex Nan.

We will have to wait until next year for full specification, but you can bet this will be one classy way to see the big city lights when it finally arrives.

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