This crazy-cool laptop folds out sideways as well as up for 2 screens in 1

Has AceMagic shown us the future of laptops?

AceMagic X1
(Image credit: AceMagic)
Quick Summary

AceMagic has unveiled the X1, a laptop with a fold-out second display.

It looks ideal for work or multitasking, but we don't know its price or release date yet. 

For a good few years now there have been plenty of computer makers around the world trying to convince people that they've cracked the code and worked out the future of laptops (even aside from just making the best laptops today).

This might mean, in Apple's case, the increasingly adaptable nature of its iPad Pro models, which can practically replace a laptop. Or, it might be down to Microsoft's embrace of AI with its new CoPilot+ lineup.

Alternatively, it might come from a smaller company, such as AceMagic, which is offering up something completely different in the form of its X1 laptop.

This device has the fairly unique offer of a fold-out screen that basically gives you two monitors in one whenever you need them, without any external cables or devices required. 

Intriguingly, there are a few ways to place this second screen – it can fold out horizontally to simply be an extension to your monitor, but you can also fold it around to have it flat against the back of your main display, letting someone else watch whatever's on the second screen as you work. 

AceMagic X1

(Image credit: AceMagic)

This also means that you can use the laptop in tablet mode if you like, with it closed and just that secondary screen layered on top. Calling it secondary is a little harsh, in fact, since it has the same 14-inch size and FHD resolution as the main version. 

Interestingly, despite this seemingly futuristic pitch, the AceMagic X1 will ship with an Intel Core i7-1255U processor, which is a couple of years old at this point. It'll have 16GB of RAM to help with all the multitasking you'll doubtless want to do on its expansive display, though. 

Crucially, AceMagic also hasn't chosen to put a price on the laptop yet – it's got a new listing page giving it a few details (via Liliputing), but without any hint of a release date or how much it'll cost. This will be a major variable since you'd assume that to have any hope of cracking into the market in a noticeable way it'll need to be at least somewhat affordable.

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