This Canyon e-bike is a future Tesla killer

Stuck in traffic? Hit the cycle lanes instead! This could be the future of urban transportation

This Canyon e-bike is a future Tesla killer
(Image credit: Canyon)

If you hadn't noticed, cities are changing. Since lockdown, urban planning is being turned on its head as people shun public transport and want more affordable, more environmentally friendly methods of transport than a car.

An electric bike or e-scooter is an obvious choice, allowing riders to dodge traffic and eliminate the dreaded search for parking. They're also modern, intuitive, and stylish.

They're not perfect, however, especially if you live in the Northern hemisphere where the winter brings months of wet and cold weather.

Enter Canyon's Future Mobility Concept – bridging the gap between an e-bike and a car.

This radical vehicle is designed to seamlessly move from the road to the bike lane. It’s fast and stable enough to cruise down the open road, yet light and agile enough to slip into the bike lane when things get backed up. Canyon is calling it 'the ultimate daily commuter'.  

It features a totally-sealable passenger compartment surrounded by an innovative, panoramic capsule that protects the rider/driver from the elements.

When not sealed, the capsule can be slid forward along two rails. This ‘open mode’ is great when the weather is hot or if the rider wants that fresh-breeze feeling that comes with driving a convertible. 

The capsule even has enough space behind the rider to seat a child, load luggage or pack up groceries for the ride home. 

The futuristic aesthetic of the concept blends modern bike and automobile design. We love the futuristic look.

This Canyon e-bike is a future Tesla killer

(Image credit: Canyon)

Similar to a recumbent bicycle, the concept places the rider in a laid-back position with their feet on the pedals. 

The concept is manoeuvred using side 'stick steering', with two joysticks positioned by the rider’s left and right hips. It has a nimble 7-metre turning radius.

Unfortunately, this is just a concept for now, but Canyon has said, 'In the coming years, we will launch more urban bicycle solutions, but the implementation of other concepts like this will also be intensified. The concept gives us a vision that we want to work towards – quickly.'

Canyon Future Mobility Concept Q&A

How is this different from an e-bike? 

Unlike an e-bike, our Future Mobility Concept has four wheels and a unified outer shell to protect riders from the elements. It also has room to seat a child or heavy luggage behind the rider. 

How is this different from an electric car? 

While the concept may look more like a car, it still functions largely as a bicycle. To move the vehicle forward, riders need to be pedalling and the steering is located at the rider’s hips, similar to the under-seat steering of some recumbent bicycles. 

What advantage does the concept vehicle offer to city residents? 

The concept gives daily commuters an alternative to sitting in traffic while presenting cyclists with an alternative to riding in poor weather. The vehicle bridges the gap between car and bike to present a unique solution to urban commuting. 

Will Canyon bring the Future Mobility Concept to the market or is it just a concept? 

At Canyon, we firmly believe that the future of our cities lies with new, clean forms of mobility: and we’re committed to contributing to their development. Currently, we are re-orienting ourselves in the area of city & trekking bikes, and we will focus strongly on urban mobility in a broader sense in the future. In the coming years, we will launch more urban bicycle solutions, but the implementation of other concepts like this will also be intensified. The concept gives us a vision that we want to work towards – quickly. 

Is there a chance to see the Future Mobility Concept in reality? 

Yes, in addition to the Precede:ON, the Commuter:ON, the Future Mobility Concept will also be exhibited in the canyon showroom in Koblenz from today. 

What is the planned range? 

With about 2000wh, a range of 150 km is feasible according to the WLTP-test cycle (in speed reduced segment of the cycle (<60km/h) planned range is about 150 km but can be doubled easily. 

What can I transport and how? 

A child aged around 11years old (~the age where they go to secondary school) / circa 140cm tall. A big volume (such as 3 crates of beverages and additional other things) behind the driver seat is another hybrid seat/storage mounted on the same rail as the driver seat. To load, just slide the driver seat forward, flip it (like in a car) and pull the hybrid seat forward (to the ingress/egress area). Then load and slide back. 

What are the dimensions of the Future Mobility Concept? 

830mm x 1011mm x 2300mm
wheelbase 1680mm
track width front / rear 760mm
20” 451x50 tires
~7m turning radius 

This Canyon e-bike is a future Tesla killer

(Image credit: Canyon)

How much will the concept weigh? 

Around 95 kg 

How can I protect the concept against theft? 

You only can open the capsule or start the engine if you connect your smartphone with the concept. 

How can I change the mode between the road and bike lane? 

The idea is that you switch the mode on the screen and the speed will be limited by the system. 

How can I charge the concept? 

Like an e-bike, or by removing the battery and take it home. 

Can I charge the concept at car charging stations? 

Only on stations which are made especially for e-bikes. 

Is there a possibility of smartphone integration? 

Yes. It ́s in the centre console, between your legs. All the main functions are controlled via smartphone. 

Are seat belts or other safety components available? 

Yes. To protect the driver, there will be a belt. Other safety components are front shock absorbers such as foam-core structures / the fully surrounding and rigid structure of ingress/exit edge as well as a roll-over-structure. The neck of the driver is supported by the seat as well. 

Does the concept have headlights? 

Yes, head and rear lights. 

If it rains, is there an option to turn on the wipers? 

Yes. You will not see them on the concept, but for a production version, you will have one. 

Is there a heating system for the winter? 

Yes! It ́s important to avoid that you don ́t have fog on the windows. 

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