This Black Friday iPhone 13 deal is the best for a phone upgrade

Snag an iPhone for a great price, with loads of data

Apple iPhone 13
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If there is one thing worth looking out for amongst the best Black Friday deals, it's a good phone deal. The best phones are often found with a decent discount, making them much more palatable than they would have been at full price.

This year, I've found a few good deals for buying handsets outright, but this deal for the iPhone 13 on a monthly contract might be my favourite one yet.

iPhone 13 with 100GB of data: £31.92 per month on Vodafone, via

iPhone 13 with 100GB of data: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="sponsored">£31.92 per month on Vodafone, via
With cashback on this deal, you'll pay just £31.92 per month for a 100GB plan. That's insanely good value for money for a five-star rated phone.

It's a great deal for a brilliant phone. I use the iPhone 13 personally, so I have full authority to tell you just how good a phone it is. I've never once had an issue with performance – the A15 Bionic chip is capable of handling absolutely everything, even high definition mobile gaming.

The camera is brilliant, with wide and ultra-wide sensors that look sharp and detailed. The software powering the camera is excellent, too, making it really intuitive to use. AI-processing makes portrait mode and cinematic video possible, and the results are truly stunning.

In terms of battery life, the iPhone 13 knocks it out of the park. I'd say I'm quite a heavy phone user – outside of the many hours of emails, social media scrolling and keeping in touch with friends and family, I'm often streaming video for a few hours a day, streaming music for a few more and occasionally doing some mobile gaming. The battery has never died on me unexpectedly. On lighter days, I'll get to bed with 40% charge left on the device. Even on the heaviest days, I'll have more than 15% left in the morning.

So, should you go for this over the iPhone 14? In my book, yes. There's not a world of difference between the two models, and that means that the quality of the deal makes a difference. When you get an offer as great as this one, it's well worth taking the older model and saving yourself some cash.

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