This bike light/dash cam combo will ensure your crash footage is beautifully lit

It's always watching – this cycle light could save you, in more ways than one

If you're looking for the most most advanced bike lights available, look no further than Cycliq's latest additions, which feature bright LEDs, HD cameras, and Bluetooth.

The front-facing Fly12 CE (Connected Edition) and rear-facing Fly6 CE, are smaller and lighter than their predecessors, and feature an extensive range of new hi-tech road safety features.

First things first; you'll be kept clearly visible thanks to the impressive light output (up to 600 Lumen with the Fly12 CE and up to 100 with the Fly6 CE).

But where things get really interesting is the integrated camera.

These constantly record HD video (at 60fps) with audio, and will automatically save footage during an incident.

The new models feature 6-axis image stabilisation and a wider angle field of view to capture more of the action.

The Connected Edition means that both models have Garmin compatibility via ANT+, as well as Bluetooth connectivity to the Cycliq Plus app. 

This allows you to change device settings and review footage on your smartphone.

In addition to the new Fly devices, Cycliq has broadened their accessories range, with multiple mounting solutions for all cyclists, including the Duo Mount and Telescopic Mount. 

These mounts are equipped with a built-in bike alarm, which flashes and automatically starts recording any incident, while alerting the user’s smartphone via the app if the bike has been moved or tampered with. 

The Fly12 CE has an estimated battery life of 8 hours, while it's 7 hours for the Fly6 CE.

These both come with a ‘HomeSafe’ mode, which kicks in if the battery drops below 5%. This stops the video recording to save power, allowing the lights to function for a further 1.5 hours.

If you'd like the sound of Cycliq's new models (we certainly do), you can register your interest on its website.

The new Fly6 CE and Fly12 CE will be available to buy from 30 November 2017, priced at £169 ($179) and £225 ($279) respectively.

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