New Apple TV+ thriller is my must watch show for April 2022

Set your alarm for the end of April: this looks like the perfect SF murder mystery

Apple TV+ show Shining Girls Elisabeth Moss
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Something horrible is coming to Apple TV+ in April, and I can't wait. Shining Girls, based on the award-winning blockbuster novel by Lauren Beukes and starring Elisabeth Moss, couldn't be more my kind of TV unless it also featured The Muppets and Kim (Rhea Seehorn) from Better Call Saul. Which it doesn't, sadly. But it's going to be great anyway.

The show tells the tale of a Chicago journalist, played by Moss, who survives a terrifying attack – and who then attempts to track down the perpetrator. But this is no ordinary criminal. This is (mild spoiler alert!) a time-travelling serial killer.

I'm not gonna lie, they had me at time-travelling serial killer. But there are many more reasons to stream this show when it debuts on 29 April.

We all shine on

As you'll see from the trailer (below) it looks brilliant: dark and tense and generally unsettling. And the credits are a who's who of quality drama: the first three episodes are directed by Breaking Bad's Michelle MacLaren, and Moss – who's never anything less than amazing – is joined by Wagner Moura, who was extraordinary as Pablo Escobar in Narcos. This time around he's one of the good guys, playing the reporter who helps Moss with her mission.

Although the season begins at the end of April, Apple is doing what Netflix likes to do with its much-anticipated shows: instead of putting the whole lot online at once, it's putting out new episodes weekly. Between Shining Girls on Apple TV+ and the final season of Better Call Saul on Netflix, it looks like my TV watching is going to be terribly tense all the way through to the summer.

Carrie Marshall

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