This 75-inch Samsung 4K TV is the cheapest it's ever been

With £200 off for Black Friday, this massive Samsung is now less than £1,000

Samsung BU8500 4K TV review
(Image credit: Samsung)

Fancy a massive TV for a not-so-massive price? Samsung's latest Black Friday deals mean that the 75-inch BU8000 4K TV is just £999 from retailers such as Argos, John Lewis and Very, down from the previous £1,199. That's an astonishing price for something so big, and we're not talking about a years-old model either: this is a 2022 Samsung TV. There's £200 off the 85-inch too, although that's still rather pricey at £1,499.

In our review of the almost identical Samsung BU8500, which only differs in the stand that comes with it, we said that it punched way above its price tag thanks to its superb 4K picture quality, great specification and nice design. As ever there's no Dolby Vision HDR because Samsung, but team it up with one of the best soundbars for Samsung TVs and you've got a superb home entertainment experience.

Why this is one of the best big Samsung TVs for the money

The BU8000, like most Samsungs, is a little over-processed with the default picture modes. But five minutes of tweaking solves that and delivers a very impressive and bright picture with excellent contrast and smooth, even backlighting. Upscaling from 1080p HD is great too.

I'm a big fan of Samsung TVs – I've got a 65-inch one, which is as big as I can fit in my flat – and I reckon the firm makes some of the best TVs at every price point. The BU8500 was already a great affordable big-screen buy, and now it's even better value.

Carrie Marshall

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