The Volcon Grunt Evo is an electric off-road ripper built for the apocalypse

Massive tyres, a 70-mile range and bodywork built for the rough stuff

Volcon Grunt Evo
(Image credit: Volcon)

Diehard motorcyclists tend to turn their noses up at electrified bikes, citing a lack of rumbling engine note and manual gears as somehow taking something away from the experience. 

But riding, especially off-road, is becoming increasingly difficult thanks to noise restrictions and the general frowning upon hooligan antics ruining beautiful natural surroundings.

Well, the latest Grunt Evo from Texan electric off-road specialist Volcon is here to solve many of these problems - offering near-silent thrills in its diminutive but decidedly rugged trail machine.

Volcon Grunt Evo

(Image credit: Volcon)

Dubbed the Grunt Evo this is, as you’ve probably guessed, an evolution of an original design, sporting a number of choice upgrades that make it even more suited to life in a dystopian world.

There is now a Gates Carbon Belt Drive system, which does away with the need for a grubby old chain, runs quieter and more efficiently, and requires far less maintenance.

The Evo also sports a narrower frame, making it easier to ride, as well as a lighter, more compact rear swingarm and relocation of electrical components to give it a much cleaner look. 

It can be optioned with dual 2kWh batteries, which sees total range increased to around 70-miles on a single charge. The 8kW motor is capable of propelling the little brute to around 40mph. It’s not a lot, but should be plenty enough when bouncing over rutted farm tracks and craggy off-road routs.

Volcon Grunt Evo

(Image credit: Volcon)

Charging can be carried out from a domestic plug socket and takes around 3-4 hours, depending on the state of charge and battery pack set-up (single or dual).

There’s an inverted front fork to soak up bumps that can be optioned with a gold paint finish, while the rear monoshock packs spring preload adjustability, so riders can set it up to their personal tastes. Riding modes and ride information (speed, distance covered and whatnot) is taken care of by a smart colour display that is mounted centrally on the flat, wide bars.

The motor and battery are both IP67 rated, meaning they are protected from things like sand, snow and water, while a clever regenerative braking system adds charge to the battery when in use, extending time on the trails.

It is currently only available in the US, priced at $5,999, where it can be specified with racks and carrying solutions to tempt farmers away from their quad bikes. 

Alas, it's not designed for road use - although a few states allow it with proper registration - but that doesn't make it any less fun. Just look at it. 

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