The Garmin Marq Carbon collection is the ultimate tool smartwatch

If you're looking for the ultimate premium smartwatch, this should definitely be on your list

The Garmin Marq Carbon Commander on a white background
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While smartwatches come in all shapes and sizes, there has been a significant trend in recent years towards luxury smartwatches. These take the humble smartwatch formula and packages it in a way which could even appeal to traditional watch owners.

When it comes to luxury smartwatches, a few models really dominate the market. Garmin watches make up a portion of that, with collections like the Garmin Marq range. And now, the Marq has a new identity thanks to the Marq Carbon collection.

These models take the Marq DNA and case it in a slab of fused carbon fibre. That's made up of 130 layers, and should make these watches adept at handling any adventure you can throw at it.

There are three models in the collection, with each getting unique features designed for a specific kind of user. The Marq Carbon comes in Athlete, Golfer and Commander models. Each features a 46mm case diameter, with the case and bezel crafted from fused carbon fibre.

You'll find a range of luxury strap options including perforated FKM leather and jacquard-weave nylon, with each designed with a specific use case in mind. Plus, you'll get around 16 days of battery life from this unit. That's not especially surprising if you're a Garmin fan, but it's still a big deal. Many watches on the market struggle to attain anything near to that sort of longevity. 

Even more impressive again is the recharging time. The included magnetic charger can complete a full charge in under an hour. That means you'll spend less than two hours per month charging this watch, while still enjoying a full complement of features.

The watches each have their own standout features, on top of the regular cohort of Marq features. For example, the Marq Golfer includes a Virtual Caddie which will provide users with club recommendations based on factors like wind and elevation.

On the Marq Athlete, users will have access to PacePro, Garmin Coach and suggested workouts, based on a training readiness score. Arguably the most bizarre feature comes on the Marq Commander, though, which features a kill switch to wipe the watch of all user memory. It's very James Bond.

So, what will all of that lovely goodness set you back? Well, there's no easy way to say this – £2,599.99. That's not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Still, when you're looking at one of the most capable and well-rounded smartwatches on the market – complete with a relatively unique case material – it's about par for the course.

If you're interested in buying one of the most advanced luxury smartwatches on the market, you really shouldn't be looking anywhere else.

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