The best Super Bowl 2024 commercials

The unmissable ads for this year's big game

Super Bowl
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It's nearly time! This Sunday millions around the world will be fixed to Taylor Swift for any clues about her upcoming album... oh and there's a game on too. 

Ok so the Chiefs and 49ers have top billing in Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII and the world's biggest musical star will be in the crowd with the one and only Usher will perform at half-time but for some they'll only be interested in the ads.

Super Bowl ads are famous for big names, viral campaigns and being incredibly expensive. With it rumoured to cost $7 million for 30 seconds, it's no wonder these companies have gone all out to bring you the best Super Bowl 2024 ads. 

Paramount Plus 

Starting strong with this ad from the streaming service. We see Patrick Stewart and a host of other famous faces (including Drew Barrymore, Master Chief and Knuckles) all trying to summit the Paramount mountain in the famous logo. 

Sir Patrick has the idea to throw the football shape Hey Arnold to the summit and things just get wackier from there. It's glorious.

As a big 30 Rock fan this commercial is essential viewing. Tina Fey (who is really Liz Lemon let's be honest) arranges for body doubles to reflect the different possibilities with so many destinations to choose from. Jane Krakowski and Jack McBrayer (AKA Jenna and Kenneth) both appear, as well as a cameo from a genuine Hollywood legend that I won't spoil. 


Directed by Martin Scorsese, this luckily isn't a 3 hour ad. Instead we're presented with an alien invasion who can't make first contact because we're all on our phones. The solution? To make a Squarespace website of course! They even get the great man's attention too!


This might be my favourite of the lot,purely because over than the fact it's 100% electric, it tells you nothing about the BMW i5 M60 Sedan.  I'd love to have Christopher Walken in everything, or at least have every movie be actors doing an impression of his unique delivery. 

Michelob Ultra

How great is it to see Messi in a Super Bowl ad? This commercial for the light beer sees the great man nutmegging everyone on the beach, including a dog and also features Ted Lasso star Jason Sudeikis and NFL legend Dan Marino (who I recognize mainly from Ace Ventura). 

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