The Arcwave Ion: a completely new way to play

The Arcwave Ion offers men the chance to hit the right nerve and experience the female orgasm. No, really

Arcwave Ion
(Image credit: WOW Tech)

Arcwave is a new name in the sex toy game, and it is bringing something brand new to the market: the Arcwave Ion – launching exclusively through Lovehoney at and – is the world's first Pleasure Air stroker for men. 

The Ion is a completely different kind of toy. After 13 rounds of refinement and iteration, Arcwave has refocused Pleasure Air, proven to do wonderful things for women, to offer men a completely unique climax. You can spend a week in bed with a partner, you can try all the other toys you like, there's nothing quite like this.

The Ion's core tech revolves around the fact that the physiology of male and female pleasure centers are actually very similar. The exact same nerve endings found in the clitoris, the Pacinian receptors, are found in the frenulum at the tip of the penis. Arcwave's Ion creates its unique experience by stimulating these receptors with pulsating waves of air, giving guys the chance to hit the right nerve and feel something totally new: cascades of pleasure, peaks and troughs, and a climax like never before. It's as close to the female orgasm as a man can get.

Whichever way you look at it, it's safe to say the Arcwave Ion could be the biggest innovation in the male sex toy market for some time. It's a package of top tech, convenient features, and an absolutely fresh pleasure experience. Not a bad deal, whether you're picking it up for yourself or you're looking to give your partner a very special time.

Arcwave Ion

(Image credit: WOW Tech)

This is a toy that only works precisely when you want it to. Ion's Smart Silence technology detects skin contact and switches the device on automatically, and it immediately turns itself off when you're not using it to prevent unwanted noise. On the inside, Arcwave employs its unique and natural-feeling CleanTech silicone, a hypoallergenic and UV-resistant material that offers a more resilient and hygienic inner than the TPE inners of most competing products while maintaining a soft, flexible, natural feel.

It's easy to clean, too. Twist the upper section of the Ion to open it up, pull out the CleanTech sleeve, and you can submerge it in water to refresh it; alternatively, you can use any toy cleaner as long as it's compatible with silicone. The entire device is fully IPX7 waterproof, meaning it too can be easily rinsed - and you're safe to take it in the shower, too.

The most difficult part of most male toys is not the cleaning but the drying. Even when you've removed all the water you can by hand a few droplets tend to remain, meaning a potentially tense period of air drying; Arcwave has you covered here too. Included with the Ion is a dedicated storage base which both recharges its batteries and dries it; the storage base includes a DryTech stick which wicks away any moisture to ensure the Ion is ready to go exactly when you want it.

If you want to be one of the first to experience a #NEWGASM and find out just what the Arcwave Ion has to offer, it's launching exclusively through Lovehoney in the US and Canada starting November 26th. Act fast and you could have a particularly happy Christmas...

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