Tesla owners just got a useful free iPhone upgrade

Controlling your car with Siri or your iPhone just got even easier

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Tesla and Apple are arguably two of the hottest companies on the face of the Earth right now. One makes some of the most recognisable EVs on the market, while the other is a technological stalwart.

The iPhone is the most recognisable product in the brands' product range – and now, it's going to integrate with your Tesla vehicle even more. In the most recent update to the Tesla app, Apple Shortcuts integration has been introduced.

That should make it easier than ever for users to control different aspects of their vehicle from their phone. The first update brings vehicle controls and climate controls to the handset.

That's great for users. The Shortcuts app is one of the most underutilised parts of the iPhone ecosystem. It enables users to quickly complete tasks, and also makes it possible to ask Siri to complete them, allowing for hands-free operation.

According to screenshots from the app, users will have four options available on Shortcuts. Locking and unlocking the vehicle can be actioned remotely, while enabling or disabling Sentry Mode, Dog Mode and Preconditioning is also possible.

While it's certainly not a comprehensive list of everything you could do, it's a great start. Users previously had similar options via a third-party app, but it now forms part of a core Apple product.

The beauty of having these features in Shortcuts is that they're customisable, too. For example, users could set up a whole string of actions to happen, including actions relating to their car. 

Let's say you're leaving the house. You might setup a shortcut which turns off the lights, locks your front door and turns on your security system. Now, that same string could also unlock your Tesla, so you can get away as quickly as possible.

It's a really useful upgrade. While it may not be something which everyone opts to use, for those who choose to, it will make it much easier to automate processes. The update should be live now, so if you have a Tesla and an iPhone, have a look for any updates.

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