Terratek 20V vs Worx WG163: which is the better strimmer for your garden?

We compare the excellent Terratek 20V and Worx WG163 garden strimmers

Worx WG163 Terratek 20V
(Image credit: Worx)

With blue skies now a regular occurrence, you're likely using your garden a lot more. To help keep things under control, we've found the best strimmer for most people and today we're comparing the excellent Terratek 20V and Worx WG163.

For the uninitiated, a strimmer – a combination of "string" and "trimmer" – is a really useful tool for making sure your grassy edges are neat and tidy, plus any other hard-to-reach bits, like the undersides of bushes. It's a fantastic compliment to your lawn mower, basically.

After testing many different options, we think the Terratek 20V and Worx WG163 are two of the best, for a variety of reasons we'll get into below, and either of these models will serve all of your strimming needs and more. They do offer slightly different things, too, making the choice potentially easier.

Let's jump into our comparison.

Terratek 20V Cordless Strimmer

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Terratek 20V vs Worx WG163: features

The first thing to note about these two strimmers is that both of them have dual functionality as trimmers for grass and edgers for the sides of your lawn. Having both of these in one package is ideal, in our view, even if you only use one side of the device frequently. 

Beyond this, there are more similarities. For one thing, they're both cordless, giving you free reign around your garden (until the batteries die, of course). Both are rated as 20V of power, too, giving you ample oomph to get at even the toughest hedgerows. And both weigh in at between 2kg (Terratek) and 2.4kg (Worx).

The main difference between the Terratek and Worx is the way in which they actually cut the grass. For its part, Terratek has its own proprietary blade system, which are bought alongside it, while Worx has gone for the more conventional wire lines. 

On a practical level, the difference isn't massive – both of them do the job and then some – but we prefer the line system simply because it's not based around the whims of a single company; you never know what might happen, leaving you without a source for new blades.

Worx WG163

(Image credit: Worx)

Terratek 20V vs Worx WG163: design and use

As we mentioned, the main difference between the Terratek and Worx is the cutting method: blades on the former, a conventional wire on the latter. In our testing, the differences in cutting quality were nonexistent, meaning you can have confidence that the core task will be handled no matter which strimmer you buy.

The cutting areas are pretty similar – 25cm for Terratek, 30cm for Worx – and both come with two batteries as standard, giving you plenty of cutting time, even for bigger gardens. 

Worx has developed a really cool system for the WG163 that means it can function as both grass trimmer and wheeled edger at once, with a swift transition between the two. The 90-degree pivoting head makes getting around tricky obstacles (think trampolines or lawn furniture) especially simple. 

We think the differences between the use of these two machines is small enough that you can pretty safely choose whichever you think is best. 

Worx WG163

(Image credit: Worx)

Terratek 20V vs Worx WG163: verdict

Now to the fun part. 

The main difference between these two excellent strimmers is pretty basic: do you prefer a standard line arrangement or proprietary blades? 

For our money, we think something that is infinitely replaceable (the line) is better and so would choose the Worx strimmer of Terratek, but if you aren't fussed about that then the Terratek is absolutely fantastic, winning the top spot on our list. 

One simple way to decide: see which model is cheaper using our price comparison widget below and go with that one.

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