Telegram now lets you move chats from WhatsApp: here's how to do it

It's really easy to ditch Facebook-owned WhatsApp with this new feature

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Telegram continues to offer services that are designed to tempt people away from WhatsApp. Today the popular app sent a message telling its users that they could now import messages from other services. It’s also a pretty straightforward process too, thank goodness. This is important, because it’s likely a big part of the reason people won’t want to ditch WhatsApp is because of existing chats - this process makes it simple to move your history, which should persuade sceptics that it’s not a big hassle.

It doesn’t just work in WhatsApp either, with other apps listed as being able to move conversations - they include Line and KakaoTalk. Signal doesn’t allow the export of encrypted messages currently, so it’s not possible to migrate chats from there. 

In addition to this new feature Telegram has also added numerous features designed to entice people to the platform, and it’s worked - the company added 100 million users in January, it claims. As well as migrating chats, it’s also added improved voice chats which allow you to adjust the volume of individuals in group calls. 

Here’s how to move chats

The chat export process itself is simple, but slightly different on iOS and Android.

Android users, open a WhatsApp chat with a contact you’d like to migrate, press the three dots on the right, select “more” from the menu and you’ll see export. As long as you have Telegram installed, you’ll simply be able to export the chart directly using the share icon for Telegram.

On Apple devices you need to press the contact name, at the top in the middle of the chat scroll down the list of settings and “export” is at the bottom. The process should, as on Android, allow you to share directly to Telegram without any messing about.

For chats to be moved successfully in Telegram the person whose chat you are moving will need to have added you over there. If they haven’t, you’ll get an error message. 

If any of that's not clear, the Telegram blog has some nice videos to help out. If you're in the market for a new, affordable phone, check out our best cheap smartphone guide

Source: Telegram Blog

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