Tech Today: Apple plotting iPad Mini? Nokia Windows 8 tablet

Plus: Bieber porn hits Facebook, Royal Wedding survived cyber attack

A swiftly pulled report in Korea alleged that Apple is working on an iPad Mini, while the head of Nokia France confirmed the firm's Windows 8 tablet for 2012. It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

'iPad Mini' revealed in pulled article on LG displays
An article in a Korean newspaper has been pulled after claiming that native manufacturer LG had been hired to create display screens for an iPad Mini and the 6th generation Apple iPhone. The article claims that Apple is working on a 7.3-inch iPad and a larger 4-inch iPhone handset. Does the removal of the article suggest total inaccuracy or that the Korean Times was onto something?
Link: AppleInsider

Nokia Lumia gets MixRadio intelligent playlists
The new Windows Phone-equipped Nokia Lumia 800 launches on Wednesday, and early adopters will be in for a treat through a new, free intelligent radio app, which builds playlists for you based on the music you already have on your phone. MixRadio, powered by The Echo Nest team that built the iheartradio app wil create the lists from a library of 15m songs.
Link: TechRadar

Nokia to launch Windows 8 tablet in 2012
The new head of Nokia France confirmed to the LesEchos newspaper that the company will launch its first tablet in June 2012 and it will be running the forthcoming Windows 8 operating system. That date could also be construed as the launch date for Windows 8. Paul Amsellem also confirmed that there'll be a host more high-end Windows Phone 7.5 Nokia devices on the way soon.
Link: WMPowerUser

Facebook users hit by hardcore Bieber-porn spam
A virus is spreading through Facebook which has seen photoshopped pictures of pop sensation Justin Bieber performing sex acts, naked grannies, gay porn and violent animal abuse. Facebook is investigating the issue, but the spate of unsavoury imagery is likely derived from a click-jacking virus which encourages you to click on an innocuous link and then spreads it around your friendship group.
Link: PC Mag

Royal Wedding website saved from cyber attack
Scotland Yard has revealed that this year's Royal Wedding, starring Prince William and Kate Middleton, came under a cyber attack. The Met says it defended the official website, which viewers around the world tuned into in order to watch the big day. A teenager was arrested in October for attempting to swamp the server in a denial of service attack. Off with his head!
Link: AP

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