T3 Quick Hit: Add sound to your landscape garden with the Q-Install Rock Speaker

Give your garden some camoflaged tunes with the new QI65LW from Q-Install

If you're like us, and you take a special kind of pride getting your garden just right (however big, or small, your plot of land might be), then finding the right kind of speaker to suit your outdoor getaway can be a real challenge - enter the new Rock Speaker from Q-Install.

Cleverly hidden with a granite effect texture shell, the QI65LW boasts a powerful wide range 6.5-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter the speaker can all but disappear from conscious view when positioned within outdoor areas such as bordered patios and alpine gardens.

Its rugged glass reinforced polymer cabinet construction and weatherproof cable termination enables the Rock Speaker to be located at ground level making it easy to locate and install with confidence. 

Q Acoustics has engineered a low resonance cabinet and optimized the driver characteristics to ensure the Qi 65 delivers a full and clear sound even at high volumes, making is ideal for high quality outdoor music reproduction, announcements or even atmospheric birdsong!

So whether you're looking to add some ambiance or ensure your next outdoor party has the perfect playlist (without ruining the style of your garden, the new Q-Install QI65LW Rock Speaker is a must. Get yours now direct from Q Acoustics for only £249.

Dom Reseigh-Lincoln has been writing for T3 for over half a decade now, covering everything from mobile phones and laptops right through to video games and gaming peripherals. Purveyor of an excellent beard, as well as some perpetually cheeky offspring, Dom likes to wind down in his spare time by listening to heavy metal.