Strava pedals forward with New 'Best Efforts for Ride' feature

Whether you're aiming to conquer the "Alpe d'Sweat" or dominate the "Watt-Warrior" leaderboard, you'll love this

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Strava, the digital hub for active enthusiasts with over 120 million athletes, is rolling out a new tool for cyclists to track their progress and conquer new challenges: Best Efforts for Ride.

Following the success of its running counterpart, this feature offers riders a fun (?) way to analyse their cycling achievements across various categories, all while pedalling through the highs and lows of their cycling adventures.

The new 'Tour de Progress' feature comes as a welcome addition to the Strava peloton, allowing riders to vie for the top spot in categories like distance, elevation, power, and time.

We're so excited with the new feature that we made up a new spokesperson for Strava to comment on the news.

"We're thrilled to bring this pedal-powered pursuit to our cycling community," says Spoke McCrank, Head of Innovation at Strava, "With the Best Efforts for Ride, cyclists can now track their progress with a little extra flair, turning their rides into a friendly competition against themselves and fellow riders."

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Riders can saddle up and dive into their top three efforts in each category, gaining insights into their performance and plotting their course for improvement. Plus, with a deep dive into historical data, cyclists can track their progress year over year, ensuring they're always moving in the right gear.

Strava's "Best Efforts for Ride" feature is the latest addition to its suite of subscriber perks, joining the ranks of goal setting and the popular Flyover feature. So, hop on your trusty steed, clip in, and let Strava be your guide as you pedal your way to glory. With Best Efforts for Ride, the road to progress has never been more thrilling.

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