Sony Xperia Z –The most durable high-end smartphone on Earth

The newest flagship Sony Xperia smartphone is also the toughest. Here’s why

With a super-strong Dragontrail Glass-enforced display and IP55 and IP57 waterproof/dustproof ratings, you'll not find a more durable high-end handset.

The Sony Xperia Z's durability starts, but does not end with its super-tough Dragontrail Glass-enforced screen. Now that sure sounds like a hardcore, tough guy name, but what is Dragontrail glass, we hear you ask?

The technology, launched in 2011, is built by Asahi - Japan's leading glassmaker and, according to Asahi, Dragontrail glass is six-times stronger than conventional 'soda lime glass' windowpanes. It can withstand a full 60kg of force before breaking and doesn't even flinch if you hit it with a hammer (although we wouldn't recommend it).

Dragontrail is made from alkali-aluminosilicate sheet glassand engineered to be thin and light as well as super-durable. Because it's so tough, Sony is able to use thinner sheets than ever before, keeping your Xperia Z sleek and sexy while safeguarding against those inevitable drops.

Another of its key characteristics is its resistance to scratches. With a gorgeous 1080p screen that's fully 5-inches in size diagonally, there is of course more surface area that could fall victim to damage from keys or coins. Thankfully, Dragontrail eats those keys, which would have ruined lesser handsets, for breakfast.

The Dragontrail technology first appeared in the Sony Xperia Active smartphone in 2011, but this is the first time it has appeared in a flagship, top of the range device like the Xperia Z.

As tough as that stunning display may be, that's not to say accidents don't happen. Alongside the Dragontrail glass are two crucial technical certifications that can set your mind at ease and potentially save your bacon if your precious smartphone is exposed to the elements.

The Xperia Z has been awarded the IP55 and IP57 waterproof (Ingress Protection) ratings, meaning it can be submerged in 1m of water for 30 minutes and come out unscathed - a lifesaver if it slips into the bath or the washing up bowl. It'll also withstand low-pressure jets of water from any direction if your mates attack with the Super Soaker.

On top of that, it also has limited dust ingress protection, ensuring the engine room stays free of potentially-harmful external elements!

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