Sonos to get a free upgrade that will make your system much easier to control

Major update claimed to be coming on 7 May

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A significant update to the Sonos app on iOS and Android will reportedly be released on 7 May.

It'll introduce a customisable homescreen and new features as the company readies the software to also control its rumoured headphones.

Sonos will reportedly overhaul its mobile app in May to simplify the experience for owners of the Sonos Era 300 or any of its other wireless multi-room speakers.

The company last released a major app update in 2020, when it launched Sonos S2 and shifted away from some of its legacy devices. Now it plans to push a significant redesign again, with a new central homescreen becoming the main hub for the Sonos experience.

Screens leaked to The Verge show a number of key changes to the app to make it easier to control a whole system.  It includes a new search bar that appears at the bottom – you have to go to a specific tab to search on the app currently.

Other changes include a volume slider on the mini player that appears at the bottom of the screen, so you can adjust playback without having to open the full "Now Playing" page.

You'll also be able to access shuffle and repeat options from Now Playing.

Another major addition will be the ability to customise the homescreen. At the moment, the "My Sonos" page shows recently played albums and playlists. However, the update will add the option to introduce other rails, including "Your Services" – a list of the different apps you have paired with Sonos.

Speaker and soundbar settings are also reportedly coming to the homescreen, should you want them there.

The timing of the app refresh adds further speculation to a summer release for the brand's first wireless headphones. It is said that the app will be particularly useful for the over-ears once they finally arrive.

Last we heard, they were delayed but still expected some time this summer – so the next two months or so. We wouldn't be surprised to see them in June, for example, with the app update for Android and iOS being well established before then.

The Verge claims the Sonos S2 app update will arrive on 7 May.

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