Sky TV and broadband deal: get £15 off every month right now

Get all of your favourite shows, super fast broadband, and more for just £37 per month.

Sky TV Broadband deals
(Image credit: Sky)

Sky is now well known and beloved with UK TV watchers for having the best selection of content – be that sports, movies, or episodic – out there and now they're offering all of that with their super fast broadband for just £37 per month, a saving of £15. 

The deal on offer is a really good one: Sky TV, which has so many channels we can't even count them (and over 500 box sets), plus fibre broadband, which gets average speeds of 59 Mbps. Everything new and exclusive Sky puts out will be yours for consumption.

Given that Sky is currently offering its fibre broadband for £27 per month on its own, getting Sky TV in the mix as well for an extra £10 is a huge bargain and not one you should pass up.

And if all of that doesn't feel like enough, you can bolt on Sky Sports for an extra £20 per month (down from the usual £30 per month) and Cinema for £11 per month (down from the usual £19).

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Sky TV + Broadband Bundle | £37 per month (saving £15) | £10 upfront setup cost | 18 month contract | 59 Mbps average speeds | Over 300 channels | Available now (opens in new tab)
There's nothing like getting a deal that offers amazing TV and really fast broadband, all while saving £15 per month, every month over the 18 month contract. It doesn't really get any better than that. 

So, if you're in the market for a new TV and broadband bundle – or even just one of the two, making the other one a lucky bonus – look no further than this Sky TV + Broadband deal, which is £37 per month for a limited period of time.

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