Simpson & Partners is the most stylish way to charge your EV at home

It looks so good!

Simpson & Partners EV Charging
(Image credit: Simpson & Partners)

Home chargers are great if you own an electric vehicle for a number of reasons; they're super convenient, they're faster than using 3-pin plugs, and you don't need to rely on the patchy public charging network.

But there is one downside - most look like they belong in the white goods section in Currys.

Now, that's not an issue if they're tucked away in a kitchen cabinet or a utility room like washing machines are, but most home EV chargers are bolted on the front of people's homes. Sometimes, they can be a blemish.

There are some attractive EV chargers, such as the Andersen A2 Smart Charger, but these often comparatively expensive.

Enter Simpson & Partners, a new British-owned electric vehicle home charging manufacturer with the aim of offering EV drivers premium quality products at affordable prices.

Simpson & Partners has actually been launched by the original co-founders of Andersen EV, Mandy and David Simpson, so they certainly know a thing or two about making attractive electric vehicle chargers.

Simpson & Partners EV Charging

(Image credit: Simpson & Partners)

The brand’s first products, The Home Series, are a trio of beautifully designed wall boxes that are smaller than an A4 sheet of paper and engineered using high-quality materials.

All the chargers are designed and manufactured from a brand-new 5000sq. metre facility in the Cotswolds, which opened this summer. Each unit is designed to match the elegance of your home.

The untethered chargers come in three different models ranging from 3.6 to 22kW.

Best of all, there are over 100 different carefully selected colour combinations available, with understated metal front covers and either wood or metal lids.

These certainly are a step up from the plastic models from other brands.

Simpson & Partners EV Charging

(Image credit: Simpson & Partners)

Simpson & Partners charging units can be controlled using the brand's mobile app.

It allows customers to check on the charging levels of their car, schedule and charge their vehicles when energy prices are at their lowest, and lock the charger.

You can even link your charger to your solar panels (if they have them), as Home Plus chargers are compatible with three-phase and solar power, seamlessly integrating with your home energy system.

Prices for the Simpson & Partners Home Series start from £649. They're available nationwide and can easily be installed by any qualified electrician.

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