Shimano-powered Orbea Diem e-bike has a hidden Apple AirTag compartment

The Basque bike manufacturer's latest launch is a stylish and smart commuting machine

Under embargo until March 7th 4PM CET | ORBEA UNVEILS NEW URBAN E-BIKE: DIEM
(Image credit: Orbea)

The best e-bikes are especially well-suited for commuting... if only bike theft weren't so prevalent everywhere! Basque manufacturer Orbea's latest offering, the Diem, tries to tackle this issue with an integrated, hidden Apple AirTag compartment and many other innovative features to ensure your bike stays where you left it.

Launched today, the Orbea Diem is a full-fledged commuting machine that comes in three versions: 10, 20 and 30.

Orbea recommends the 9-speed Diem 30 (23kg/ 50.7 lbs), featuring a traditional chain drive Link Glide Technology, for more experienced riders on a budget (it's the most accessibly priced model of the lot). The Diem 30 is best suited for more active and recreational usage.

The Orbea Diem 20 has a low-maintenance belt drive with Shimano Inter 5 internal gears. This slightly heavier model (23.6kg/ 52 lbs) provides a comfortable, easy-to-use riding experience.

The premium Orbea Diem 10 is the ultimate A-to-B commuting machine with a maintenance-free belt drive and automatic gears. Weighing 24.2kg (53.3 lbs), the Diem 10 isn't super lightweight, but thanks to the low-slung frame and the Shimano motor, you'll feel comfortable on the saddle.

Diem 10 and 20 come with a 630Wh battery integrated into the downtube with a range of up to 150km/ 93 miles (or 9 hours) between charges. The Diem 30 comes with a 540Wh battery with a range of up to 120km/ 74 miles.

The battery in all models is fixed inside the frame, making it almost impossible to steal and allowing for better-looking, slimmer frames, Orbea says.

A cool feature is the spin block that prevents the handlebars from rotating too far. This allows you to load and unload the Diem easily and without worrying about the bike tipping over.

The front and rear bike lights are integrated and controllable from the handlebar. The integrated LED lights tell you which assistance mode you are in. If you want more information, you can connect your smartphone to the bike using the integrated SP Connect mount.

Available to buy from 7 March 2024, the Diem 30 retails for €3,799/ $3,899/ £3,499, the Diem 20 for €4,599/ $4,699/ £4,299 and the Diem 10 for €5,599/ $5,699/ £5,299. For more information, visit Diem today.

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