Save £500 on a Samsung American-style fridge freezer this Black Friday and transform your Xmas

Get £500 off this cavernous fridge freezer with Currys Black Friday deals

Samsung RS8000 fridge freezer on Blue background with sign saying Black Friday
(Image credit: Samsung)

If you want the best Black Friday deals on American-style fridge freezers, feast your eyes on this brilliant Black Friday deal from Currys. Never mind feeding the whole family this Christmas: the Samsung RS8000 American-style fridge freezer is so roomy you could probably fit your entire family inside it. 

• Samsung RS8000 American-Style fridge freezer: was £1,499.99, now £999.99 at Currys (opens in new tab)

You won't need to worry about whether you can fit your festive food and drink in this Samsung: with 409 litres of space in the fridge and another 225 litres in the freezer you'll be able to store a festive season's worth of food and snacks. If like me you love cooking but hate queuing in supermarkets, you'll appreciate the sheer amount of room here: no need for multiple shops when you can do one big shop and stick the whole lot in your Samsung.

The RS8000 isn't just big, though. It's also clever. Samsung's clever food freshness technology is brilliant at prolonging the life of your fruit and veg, something that's particular handy right now when supermarket fruit and veg seem to have the shortest shelf lives ever, and the no-plumbing water and ice dispenser and frost-free freezer give you ice where you want it and no ice where you don't.

Sadly this Samsung is a little too big for my poky kitchen, so I'll be checking the best Black Friday fridge freezer deals for something a little smaller unless I can persuade my landlord to let me knock through a few walls. 

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Samsung RS8000 American-Style fridge freezer: was £1,499.99, now £999.99 at Currys (opens in new tab)
Don't let its sleek looks fool you: open the doors of this spectacular Samsung and you've got 409 litres of space in the fridge and another 225 in the freezer. There's a no-plumb water and ice dispenser, clever food freshening technology and enough storage for even the biggest family.

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