Samsung will give you a free Galaxy Z Fold 4 or Lifestyle Soundbar when you buy a Samsung TV

Samsung's offering some attractive deals on its more premium TVs

Samsung QN900B on white background
(Image credit: Samsung)

If you've been planning on buying one of the best Samsung TVs in 2023, Samsung has some sweeteners to make its premium TVs more tempting. It's announced some interesting and attractive deals on some of its best TVs, so for example if you buy the 2022 QN900B 8K Neo QLED TV you can claim a free Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Samsung is also offering deals on some The Frame and The Serif TVs, throwing in a free Lifestyle Soundbar with selected models to ensure they sound as good as they look.

These are all pretty expensive TVs, of course, but Samsung's promotion applies to more affordable models too.

Save on Samsung soundbars, QLED and OLEDs

Samsung's promotion, which runs from 25th January to 14 March 2023, offers cash back on a range of 2022 Neo QLED 4K and OLED TVs. Depending on the model, you can claim up to £300 back.

Samsung's also offering cash back on some of its best soundbars, with up to £250 back on selected models and an extra £50 if you buy a TV and soundbar together.

Samsung is running the promotion in the UK and in Ireland, and you can find out more about the Neo QLED promo here. If you're more interested in a soundbar, the promotions for those are here.

You can expect to see these deals highlighted on all the key online retailers' websites, but it still pays to shop around: in addition to Samsung's own promotions you'll often find retailers running their own limited-time discounts to make their deals even more attractive than their rivals. As ever we're tracking the best Samsung TV deals so you don't have to, and updating them constantly to find the best prices on every model that matters.

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