Samsung has subtly revealed the new Galaxy S10 screen early

Say goodbye to bezels and notches for the Galaxy S10 display

Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 screen has just been given away by Samsung at an official event where the displays, yes more than one, were teased with the names New Infinity and Infinity–O.

The Samsung Galaxy S10, expected early next year, has already leaked with lots of concept designs showing a new way to place the front-facing camera. This is as a floating dot at the top of the screen. 

This appears to have grounding as Samsung has shown off a screen called Infinity–O at its developer conference. But there's also a screen with no front-facing camera at all, making it a true all screen display.

The screens were spotted at the developer conference on one slide. This showed four in total: the Infinity-U, Infinity-V, Infinity-O, and New Infinity displays. The first two have small notches where the selfie snapper is still attached to the bezel – much like the OnePlus 6T features. But the Infinity–O has that floating camera hole and the New Infinity has nothing at all.

Samsung Galaxy S10 display tease

(Image credit: Android Police)

As you can see this is very much a tease of what to expect but it's more solid and official than anything so far. Samsung is already rumoured to offer multiple variants of the Galaxy S10 so expect all these screen to appear.

Will Samsung use a sliding front-facing camera behind the New Infinity screen or has it worked out how to embed the camera and sensors under the display? For those reveals we may have to wait until the official launch expected early next year.

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