Samsung promises to double smartphone battery life

Break free from your charger

If you own a smartphone (and we're assuming you do) then the nightly ritual of charging your phone is one you'll be familiar with - and only the lucky ones make it all the way to the evening on a single charge.

Solving this problem isn't easy for manufacturers, who need to make sure any battery upgrades can still withstand the thousands of recharges we subject them to. New technologies also need to be safe and cheap enough to work in everyday gadgets before they can be adopted en masse.

Now Samsung's Research and Development department reckon they've cracked the problem with a new mixture of materials that could provide twice as much battery life with no increase in size. It's all to do with the chemical compounds used in the packs.

By replacing the existing graphite cathode with a silicon material wrapped in graphene, Samsung's scientists have come up with a battery that can hold twice as much energy - which should in theory translate to having to charge your phone every other night.

Well, it's a start, and might be enough to tempt you away from your iPhone.

You won't be able to take advantage of the new battery tech for a while yet though - experts says it could be two to three years before the improvements make it into consumer products. Still, it's good to know that improvements are on the way.

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