Samsung patents amazing transforming sunglasses

Change the lens tint and frame style from your phone

Ever wanted to change the style of your sunglasses instantly while you're wearing them? Perhaps not, but it's still a really cool idea, and a patent has just been awarded to Samsung that will allow you to do just that.

According to the patent, a transparent display is wrapped around the lenses and frame of the sunglasses, and the wearer can then use an app on their smartphone to change how the sunglasses look.

For instance you could change the colour and patterns on the frames with only a few taps of your phone, and you could change the colour and tint of the lenses depending on your style or how bright the sun is.

Budding Will.i.ams or Elton Johns who want to change the style of their eye wear as often as the wind changes direction will have to hold their (fabulously attired) horses, however. Although Samsung has been awarded the patent for this fancy smart sunglasses technology, it doesn't mean we'll see the eye wear any time soon.

Still, if Samsung can bring out these smart sunglasses without them making their wearers a laughing stock, we'd be very interested in giving them a try.

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