Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ new fast wireless charger and colourful cases revealed

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Another day, another Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ leak ahead of the imminent 25 February release – this time is a selection of cases and a new fast charger.

The revealing photo was shared on Twitter by serial leakster @Hacksimar to clarify more about the upcoming flagship phones from Samsung. The Canon camera part is likely irrelevant, but who knows, perhaps Samsung has some sort of partnership to announce too.

The fast charger, shown at the top right, appears to be a new model which offers high speed wireless charging. This has us excited as this could be the first time that wireless charging is actually useful by matching the high-speed offering of cable charging. Power and speeds aren’t known yet but expect this to be a big feature of the new phones.

The first most obvious point to notice about the cases is the difference in the S9 and S9+ units. As you can see from the S9 case in the bottom left it has a smaller cut out for the camera than the other caes. This helps to solidify the already multi-leaked rumour that the S9 will feature a single lens 12-megapixel rear camera with f/1.4 aperture while the S9+ will feature a dual lens version. Both are likely to sport a new 1,000 fps slow motion video option.

Even the S9+ cases show variations with the top four featuring a less deep edge cut to the holes than the bottom three. This could simply be a variation in case quality where the bottom few are more premium, thicker quality material. It may also be the difference between those that feature a front folding cover and those without.

The cases also show we should expect a wide colour variation in the phones. We’d try to name them all now with real colours but there’s not much point as Samsung will no doubt give them all funky names to jazz them up a bit.

Expect to hear more as leaks come thick and fast ahead of the Samsung reveal event on 25 February. In the meantime check out everything we know so far about the Galaxy S9 and S9+ phones.