Samsung Galaxy S8 video shows just how ridiculously fast the phone can run and more

New Guard S8 and camera shortcut also revealed

Samsung is fast leaking all of its information of the Galaxy S8 ahead of its expected reveal at a 29 March launch event. Now a video has leaked, along with more information, showing off the handset running at blistering speeds.

The leaked video shows a user tapping away on the keyboard really, really fast to try and see if the phone can keep up. The handset appears to take it all with ease.

The video also seems to confirm previous rumours about a 5.7-inch screen size, 3840 x 2160 resolution and minimal bezel shape, the handset colour and now the lag-free speed of what should be the Snapdragon 830 CPU.

Also leaking from the heart of Samsung comes something dubbed Samsung Guard S8. This appeared on and seems to be some sort of extra cover for the handset. Users that opt in for this cover will receive a one-time free screen replacement, quick repair appointments that mean a fix within two hours, an extra year of warranty and more.

Also revealed this week, via TheAndroidSoul, is that the Galaxy S8 should feature a shortcut to the camera that allows users to open it by simply double tapping the power button.

Check out our round-up feature below to learn everything leaked so far and expect even more to leak ahead of that 29 March reveal event.