Samsung Galaxy S8 Active could be the best looking toughphone ever

Bigger battery, no front buttons, tough build - we’re falling for it already

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active has leaked in hands-on photos and, somehow, it’s really good looking.

Sure the Samsung Galaxy S8 is still the best looking out of the two but the Active looks awesome when you consider the toughness it offers. Especially when you consider that tough phones usually compromise on looks for a more solid build.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active has appeared on Reddit where pictures show a phone that has done away with front buttons - something all older tough Active handsets have had. It’s also got chunkier metal sides than the S8 standard, a flat screen and a polycarbonate reinforced rear.

All that should mean the S8 Active is waterproof, sand and dust proof and of course can take a drop or two. But it’s better than the original S8 is another way too.

According to the source the Galaxy S8 Active will come with the same 5.8-inch display as the S8 but also now features a 4,000mAh battery, making it far bigger than the standard 3,000mAh unit. It’s also wireless charging friendly.

Other details like screen resolution and hardware power, including cameras, are yet to leak but expect to hear more soon as a release date gets ever closer.

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