Samsung Galaxy S4 to feature 5G WiFi?

New rumour suggests super speedy browsing

The latest rumour surrounding Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S4 smartphone suggests the handset will feature 502.11ac Wi-Fi

The latest internet leak regarding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 suggests the new flagship handset will feature 802.11ac WiFi technology.

The new technology - which is also known as 5G WiFi, aims to provide browsing speeds roughly equatable with a wired connection. If Samsung can build this into the Galaxy S4 then it'll give it a sure footing for the inevitable specs race with Apple's upcoming iPhone.

Apparently, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will sport a Broadcom BCM4335 chip that incorporates the 802.11ac WiFi capacity along with Bluetooth 4.0 and an FM radio.

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We've not been short of Samsung Galaxy S4 rumours over the last couple of months and other leaks point to a 5-inch Full HD display with an 8-core processor, 13MP camera and 2GB RAM.

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Via: androidgeeks