Samsung Galaxy S25 said to be getting a "considerable camera upgrade"

The Samsung leaks keep coming

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
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New rumours suggest that the camera of the next-gen Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra could see a significant improvement.

That would see two of the weaker sensors upgraded, for a better overall shot-snapping experience.

Samsung is apparently planning a welcome boost to the camera capabilities of the Galaxy S25 Ultra when it comes out early next year, according to fresh reports. 

9to5Google says that a well-placed source has told it Samsung will include significantly better secondary sensors in next year's phone, which should result in a noticeable improvement to its shooting quality. 

This would come after a few years of stability where the Ultra's cameras are concerned, with bigger leaps having arguably been made on the software and post-processing side of things in recent times. 

To look at what's currently available, the Galaxy S24 Ultra has a 200MP main camera, along with a 50MP 5x telephoto camera, a 10MP 3x telephoto camera, and a 12MP ultrawide sensor - and these last two are where the change might come.

Reports have indicated previously that the 10MP telephoto and 12MP ultrawide sensors would both be upgraded to 50MP sensors, something that seems more likely now, given what 9to5Google has been told. 

That should make for sharper and higher-resolution photos, obviously, and potentially reflects a growth in the amount of people who are getting used to swapping to ultrawide or telephoto sensors when they want to get their photo just right. 

While the Galaxy S24 Ultra – and indeed many of its predecessors – can already lay claim to being one of the best phones on the market for camera quality, this only goes to show that there's always room for improvement, and it sounds like Samsung feels the same. 

Then again, there's a long way to go before Samsung even gets close to unveiling the Galaxy S25 Ultra - it only launched the S24 generation this January, after all.

Supply chains and product pipelines mean that it probably is working up and finalising its upgrades right now, but don't expect to hear anything official for a good six months or more, at this point. 

Whether we'll also get other upgrades, or indeed a design change for a phone that has looked relatively similar a few years in a row is also up in the air at this stage, but there will doubtless be more leaks to sink our teeth into across the months to come. 

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