Samsung Galaxy S20 offer: Get BIG data with Three's awesome 5G coverage

Make the most of your data and jump on the 5G bandwagon with this massive Samsung Galaxy S20 offer from Three

Samsung Galaxy S20 deals
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 The Samsung Galaxy S20 is one of the best phones released so far this year, not least because it's future-proofed with its fantastic 5G capabilities. And right now at Three, you can take full advantage of those with a massive 100GB data and a 5G SIM for (opens in new tab)£45 per month (opens in new tab)

This offer includes Roam Anywhere and Endless Binge, which is an unlimited data allowance while using streaming services like Netflix and Deezer. Combined with the Samsung Galaxy S20's 5G capabilities, you can stream your favourite Netflix shows anywhere, anytime, in lightning-fast 4K.

This offer is only available from a select few websites, so if you're shopping around, you'll need to come through us to take advantage of this incredible deal. Check out this Samsung S20 deal in full below:

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Samsung Galaxy S20 5G (128GB storage) | 100GB data, unlimited minutes and texts, Roam Anywhere and Endless Binge | (opens in new tab)Now £45 per month and £29 upfront (opens in new tab)
Save big in this great deal. You'll get the Samsung Galaxy S20, one of the best, highest-profile handsets of this year, combined with 100GB 5G data and unlimited streaming for your favourite music, movies and TV shows, all for just £29 upfront and a very reasonable £45 per month. What more could you want? 

Get great SIM-only deals from Three

Want to buy Samsung Galaxy S20 deals separately, or have you already got a handset you love? Either way, Three's exclusive deals also extend to the following great SIM-only offers: 

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SIM only | Unlimited calls and texts | 12GB data | £8 a month | Contract length: 12 months | Available now at Three (opens in new tab)
If the idea of spending only £8 per month on your SIM plan appeals then this data-stuffed deal from Three is absolutely worth considering. It delivers 12GB of data to burn each month, as well as unlimited minutes and texts for just £8 per month. Free 5G, roaming and delivery is also included. Superb!

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SIM only | Unlimited data, texts and calls | £16 p/m | Contract length: 24 months | Available now at Three (opens in new tab)
Unlimited SIM only plans offer the ultimate in versatility and peace of mind, with you knowing each and every month that your phone usage, no matter what you do, will only cost what your plan costs. It allows you to kiss goodbye to nasty extra network charges - what you see is what you spend. And with this SIM only deal from Three, what you spend is just £16 per month. That is simply superb value.

These deals won't be around for long - they're all ending soon, with the SIM-only deals above being the first to finish on Monday 1 June. Better move now and take advantage of Three's great one-time offers.

An alternative: Samsung Galaxy S20 with swappable benefit from EE

Find yourself relying more on wifi now you're in lockdown? You can get the Samsung Galaxy S20 with less data and a swappable benefit thanks to rival EE's great smart plan deals.

EE's smart plan offers 40GB data, 5G network access, unlimited minutes and texts and a choice of your swappable benefit. These include a subscription to a streaming service such as Amazon Prime Video or Britbox even BT Sport Ultimate, allowing you to get you content of choice wherever and whenever you like, streamed via 5G in stunning 4K.

Other options include a Video Data Pass so streaming costs you no additional data (which works amazingly well with 5G) and Roam Further, an additional allowance on minutes, texts and data while abroad. This EE deal is available for £56 per month. (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy S20

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Why choose the Samsung Galaxy S20?

In T3's review, we argued there's a case for the Samsung Galaxy S20 being better value for money than the gargantuan S20 Ultra. Packing all the latter's perks bar the enormous camera and battery life, the S20 handset is bursting with top-tier flagship-level features. 

We said: "For users that want an awesome 5G Android flagship and either don't care about 100x zoom cameras or don't want to shell out over £1,299 for a phone, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is among the best phones on the market. It's certainly more than powerful enough to rival anything Apple can throw at it." 

With 100GB or even unlimited 5G data, it's a no-brainer. 

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