Samsung Galaxy S10 will support 5G after all, but don't expect a UK release date

UK customers might miss out on next-generation mobile speeds

Samsung Galaxy S10 UK Release Date 5G Network

After months of will-they-won't-they rumours from inside Samsung, a reliable tipster with an impressive track record on forecasting future updates from the South Korean company claims the Galaxy S10 will include support for 5G mobile networks.

According to the leakster, known via the online handle @IceUniverse, the most expensive Galaxy S10 model, which is currently codenamed Beyond X inside the company, will ship with support for superfast network speeds.

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Earlier this year, it was claimed that Samsung has abandoned plans to include 5G with its next-generation flagship handset after news that it had reduced the separate skews of the Galaxy S10 range from four to three. It was widely reported at the time that this decision meant the maxed-out 5G variant has been binned. 

Earlier this year, US mobile network Verizon announced plans to launch the first Samsung-branded 5G-compatible handset early next year. However, it was unclear whether this 5G handset would be the long-rumoured Samsung Galaxy S10.

The latest rumours suggest the 5G-touting handset will be the Galaxy S10 after all.

According to @IceUniverse, this top-of-the-line 5G skew of the Galaxy S10 will sport a 6.7-inch edge-to-edge display, as well as improved cameras on the front and rear of the smartphone. The tipster claims the handset will be available "in South Korea and the United States" – with no mention of a UK launch.

While US networks, including AT&T and Verizon, have announced plans to work with Samsung to bring 5G handsets to the United States, and South Korea and China have been making advances on 5G technology, the announcements from Blighty have been comparatively lacklustre.

The exception is EE, which announced a new network deal with OnePlus to bring an all-new 5G-compatible handset separate from the OnePlus 7 to the UK early next year. But that's about it. No mention of a deal with Samsung, Huawei, or any of the other manufacturers teasing 5G handsets ready for launch in early 2019.

Tipster Ice Universe also hints that the new logo created for 5G compatibility is something to behold, writing "the 5G LOGO is very cool." Unfortunately, the image was not shared with the tweet so that we could judge ourselves, although we hesitant that any logo could feasibly be described as being "very cool".

If the latest information from Ice Universe is accurate, the 5G-touting Galaxy S10 will have a larger display than the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus, which are widely-tipped to have a 6.1-inch and 6.44-inch display, respectively.

An earlier report from GF Securities claimed the maxed-out Galaxy S10 Plus will ship with a staggering 12GB of RAM and gargantuan 1TB of internal storage. That is more than most laptops even offer. 

This mammoth jump up in RAM will make for superfast image and video editing, still and video shooting, and gaming like never before.