Samsung Galaxy Note 10 looks undeniably awesome in these new images

Quadruple camera, ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, and ultrasonic fingerprint reader – what's not to like?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Release Date Price

With the worldwide launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 last week, thoughts are naturally turning to the next flagship phone from Samsung – the Galaxy Note 10

The Galaxy Note series typically launches in late summer and improves on the design and features introduced with the latest Galaxy S smartphones released earlier in the year. It also includes the S Pen stylus, which enables a number of exclusive, productivity-focused features not available on the Galaxy S series.

With so many new features already squeezed into the Galaxy S10, the possibilities around the Galaxy Note 10 are seriously exciting. And now thanks to new concept images commissioned by blog Phone Arena, we have a pretty good idea of what the Galaxy Note 10 will look like.

We've already heard plenty of whispers from the supply chain about the next entry into the best-selling Galaxy Note series, which will purportedly have a quadruple rear-mounted camera (like the Samsung Galaxy A9 from late last year), support for superfast 5G mobile networks, an Infinity-O style display with dual front-facing cameras (like the Galaxy S10 Plus), and an in-screen ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.

If the latest rumours around the Galaxy Note 10 prove to be true, that should make for a seriously impressive package. And if the three-dimensional concept images designed and published by Phone Arena are anything to go by, the next-generation Galaxy Note is going to look seriously impressive too.

According to the blog, the renders "these images are not meant to be completely representative of what the Note 10 will look like in the end, but rather, help us paint a better picture of what features and design changes to expect".

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The Galaxy Note 10 will launch a few months after the Galaxy S10 5G, which coincidentally also has a quadruple camera system. The latter includes an advanced hQVGA 3D-depth sensing camera on top of the triple-camera system on the standard Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus models. 

However, it's unclear whether the Galaxy Note 10 will have the same four-camera set-up as the 5G-enabled S10, which will offer improved bokeh-style blur to Live Focus photographs as well as bringing the effect to video footage in real-time for the first time, or a new camera system, or whether the Note 10 will instead focus on a new feature, like improved zoom.

Samsung recently bought Israeli company Corephotonics, which is an expert in the field. The tweaked zoom could allow the South Korean company to keep pace with rivals Oppo and Huawei in this field.

The Galaxy S10 Plus is available in Prism White, Prism Black, Prism Green, Prism Blue, Ceramic White, and Ceramic Black. As such, the case colours included in the latest batch of images produced by Phone Arena don't seem far-fetched at all.

Lead Image Credit: Phone Arena